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At August Law PLLC we have handled many different types of intellectual property cases and have successfully aided in obtaining patents for clients over the last 20 years. Here are a few of the exemplary patent that we worked with.

Document Document Title
6703612 Large geometric factor charged particle spectrometer
7588139 Conveyor assembly
7593353 Methods and apparatus for content delivery via application level multicast with minimum communication delay
7626105 High-performance mouthpiece for woodwind instruments
7676775 Method to determine the root causes of failure patterns by using spatial correlation of tester data
7689942 Simultaneous power and timing optimization in integrated circuits by performing discrete actions on circuit components
7689947 Data-driven finite state machine engine for flow control
7694515 Engine
7711821 Multiple resource control-advisor for management of distributed or web-based systems
7716610 Distributable and serializable finite state machine
7734628 Method and apparatus for displaying and interacting with hierarchical information and time varying rule priority
7779298 Distributed job manager recovery
7783704 System and apparatus for geographically distributed VoIP conference service with enhanced QoS
7791453 System and method for varying response amplitude of radio transponders
7796154 Automatic multiscale image acquisition from a steerable camera
7813255 Method for positioning a scanning probe on a target track of a multi-track storage medium, storage device, scanning device, and storage medium
7815400 Retainer assembly for absorbent materials
7822801 Subscription propagation in a high performance highly available content-based publish/subscribe system
7832355 Animal feeder
7840681 Method and apparatus for integrating wearable devices within a SIP infrastructure
7475152 Approach to provide self-protection function to web content at client side
7396320 Pre-folded and pre-glued flower wrap sheets and methods for making
7399411 Retainer assembly including buoyant retainer attached to remediation material and anchor
7382712 Method for positioning a scanning probe on a target track of a multi-track storage medium, storage device, scanning device, and storage medium
7355975 Method and apparatus for group communication with end-to-end reliability
7487494 Approach to monitor application states for self-managing systems
7506011 System and apparatus for optimally trading off the replication overhead and consistency level in distributed applications
7454754 System for providing resources based on licensing contract with user by correcting the error between estimated execution time from the history of job execution
7277893 System and method of flexible data reduction for arbitrary applications
7299126 System and method for evaluating moving queries over moving objects

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